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Scar laptop speakers stopped working

Level 7
My GL503vs speakers have been a problem since I first bought it used a couple years ago. At first they didnt work after I brought it home having not tested them. . I tried everything I could for weeks and couldnt get them to work. Months went by and all of a sudden they started working great all on their own. Everyting was fine for months until I had an epic windows crash caused by some bad drivers that forced a full windows reinstall after which the speakers no longer work once again.
Im not a noob and have tried reinstalling everything Asus has software and bios, Ive tried every possible windows troubleshooting, tried the Windows generic drivers, read a ton of FAQs.
Its just the speakers that dont work. Headphones work, bluetooth audio works, HDMI audio works, but the speakers wont make a sound. Its hard to imagine its a hardware issue but Ive spent dozens of hours readingand trying anything I can think of. Any ideas guys

Level 7
It seems to me that you can not do anything, you just need to update the technique)) It's time)