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scar g533zw startup error, doesn't appear to be software related

Level 7

The error in the video happened once, after i restarted with mux in discrete mode it went away.

I suspect it to be related to the xe igpu because i also have another problem with VLC playback being choppy ( 720p video ).

If i use windows media player the video plays fine. if i set the mux to discrete mode the video plays fine. yt 8k 120fps plays fine. only vlc with mux to standard/optimised.

This is with the intel video driver from the asus website. I updated to the latest video driver using intel driver support assistance and now its the same but the windows cursor started being choppy in its movement as well ( while uploading the video to yt and uploading video to reddit, cpu at 3% xe at 10% )

What do you make of it ?