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Scar 18 - SSD low iops

Level 7

I have a performance problem with my new laptop.

I added a second disk, a brand new samsung 990 pro 2TB.
I made some tests which are not very conclusive.
The random read reach 240k iops and write 140k iops.

The test found on internet show 1000k iops +-.

I have tested with bios 301 and 302.
Fresh windows reinstall.
Same result.
It's the same with the SSD coming with the laptop.

Do you have the same with yours?

Thank you for your help

Level 7
Hi, how did you test it? I'll do the same on mine and see what the result is

Level 7
With Samsung magician. You can test any brand with it.

Level 7
OK, so I get the following results:
Sequential read: 7004 MB/s
sequential write: 5159 MB/s
random read: 434570 iops
random write: 340820 iops

Note that mine is no longer set as a RAID 0

Level 7
Mine come with one ssd 2TB. After purshase, I put a second ssd, a 990 pro 2TB.
But the benchmark are not as good as expected.
Tested in raid 0 and without, same problem.*