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scar 18 rtx 4080 no resume after screen shut down in games menu (laptop restart itself )

Level 7

hy! i have an scar 18 with rtx 4080 32 GB ram;

my issue is that in windows 11 if i leave the option to shut down screen after 1 or other minutes and i was in a game menu , i tested it in more than 10 games i does not resume from that. the sound i can hear in background seems is not freezed but after let's say 30 sec after pressing some key to resume screen it restart the laptop .

this is not happening in normal windows laptop resume correctly from shutdown screen or even sleep mode as long as an game was not loaded. i mention all drivers are correctly installed and this happened with all the nvidia drivers (at least 3 i tested) even current release. i mention i use only the nvidia GPU the one from cpu is deactivated



Level 7

Hey mate!, this problem appears to be an industrial issue across different brands. I had the same issue with my own Scar 18 4080 which I have returned because I couldn't bear having the black screen every hour. Here is the link:

hi! meanwhile i saw the related issue and this is not an issue for me because i set the screen idle time much more the only issue is that windows 11 have an problem and i can not deactivate the idle of screen without deactivating the sleep (microsoft is an noob 🙂 ). in this moment the problem is only in game menu so in windows or other software is no issue at all at resuming so i do not care so much now...