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Scar 18 Micro Stuttering

Level 7


I just bought this laptop less than a month ago and every once in a while it micro stutters randomly (lasts for about 0.5 secs - audio also stutters)

It doesn't matter if my device is undervolted or not, it still happens, even with the charger plugged or not, it still happens.

I reinstalled Windows, Drivers, it still happens.

Is there any way to diagnose this and see what's causing it? I don't think this is normal (oh and btw, my device doesn't have any overheating issues).


Level 7

I'm still having the random stutters and I can't figure it out why. It can happen once every few hours or once every few minutes, it doesn't make any sense.

I think it happens more often when the laptop is idling with Chrome opened and having a video run in the background.

The speakers are also buzzing when I'm watching videos of someone talking with a lower voice, I barely notice it when I listen to music.

I hope this is a driver issue and that those things will get fixed with bios updates. I will most likely buy some good thermal pads and apply them on the VRMs and memory. 0.5mm should be good right?

Level 7

Did anyone find a solution to this?