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Scar 18 i9-14900hx / 4090 safe temperatures

Level 7

I've got a 2024 Scar 18 and I've noticed in very CPU/GPU demanding games on the default Asus Turbo mode(No undervolting/repaste because that's way beyond my capabilities), my CPU temperatures are around 87-95C and 73-76C for the GPU, is that normal/safe even if I play for many hours?

If so, when should I worry about frying my laptop?I'm a complete "noob" about tech/hardware, sorry.


Level 12

nope this is not a problem in reality but better go in to the forum search engine  and read some information to educate yourself also better use custom profile and make own fan speed profile to improve temperature's but search in the forum have information abou everything 

Level 8

Core I9 CPUs always gets very hot especially in smaller form factor computers like Notebooks/Laptops. The same can be sad for the RTX4090.

By the way, the CPU is protecting itself from overheating by lowering its clock speed if necessary and even shutting down the Computer altogether. I am positive this this is already happening in the background anyways, well lowering the clock speed. 😉

So yes, it is normal!

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As above, even the mobile variants can pull quite a bit of current. The CPU's thermal mechanisms will do their thing to keep within spec. The desktop counterparts run equally as hot in all core workloads.

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Level 8

Used the wrong account when I made the topic, noticed my GPU gets closer to 80 after longer sessions but I'm assuming that's still fine?

And thanks everyone.

yes. long hour session usually 80C for GPU is fine. Mine immediately shoots up to 85-86 in a few minutes since my last replacement. It used to be around 73-75C for GPU. Going to get it repasted

Level 8

your assumption is correct 😉