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Scar 18 Bios 319 Cpu performance degradation

Level 10

Hi All. 

I am creating this topic for visibility & I hope it gets the attention of Asus representatives. 

The latest bios update for the Asus Rog Strix Scar 18 - Bios 319 is causing cpu performance degradation.

Users reporting they're dropping from 32,000 on Cinebench down to 29,000 or lower.


I myself have seen a performance degradation in Cinebench and in 3d Mark TimeSpy CPU score.

Previous Cinebench R23 was 34k current 31k. TimeSpy CPU score has dropped from 19384 to 18564.

Notes I am running in dedicated ultimate GPU mode, some users report that the scores are fine in standard mode. 

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Level 10

Same here, cinebench dropped from 33k to 29-30k. 

Level 10

I am now seeing a 200-500mhz drop in games.

As an example Diablo 4 used to run at between 5.1-5.2Ghz. It is now running at 4.7-4.9 Ghz.

I have logged a support request. Awaiting their support department to investigate further. 

Level 9

I confirm that there is a decrease, especially visible in the cinebench test.

I have Asus Rog Strix 18 13980, ddr 4800, gtx 4080

in the 10-pass multicore test there are only 25,729 points (((it was about 30,000 a week agok ago

Level 10

This needs to be fixed asap

Level 10

Hi All.

After more testing over the weekend I found the following:

The issue on my side seems only relevant to dedicated gpu mode. 

Operating in standard mode, my cpu performance is back to normal. 

But then we miss out on all the features of dgpu mode. 

Trying to revert to the old bios 318 seems not supported for some odd reason. 

I received feedback on the support request, which was the usual first correspondence about drivers and the MyAsus application. You know the ones where they don't read the actual content in the email, instead just respond with the generic copy and paste response, which was a bit disappointing. Anyhow, I have given them more detailed feedback and I am awaiting a further response. 


I have received feedback from support, the issue has been raised with their engineering team. It may require a new bios version in order to implement a fix after the investigation has been concluded. 


we all waiting new bios 


Thanks for the info SciGhost

Level 7

Similar issue here with Rog Strix G16 equiped with a 13980hx and rtx 4080.
Whenever I run the multicore benchmark on cinebench r23 while not connected to an external monitor I get around 30000 points and the CPU maxes out at 175W. However, when I turn on the MUX switch or connect the laptop to an external monitor the cpu only boosts to 125W and the score drops to arround 26000.

It seems to me that whenever the discrete GPU is active (despite not being in load) the CPU won't boost as high as intended.