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Scar 18 Bios 319 Cpu performance degradation

Level 10

Hi All. 

I am creating this topic for visibility & I hope it gets the attention of Asus representatives. 

The latest bios update for the Asus Rog Strix Scar 18 - Bios 319 is causing cpu performance degradation.

Users reporting they're dropping from 32,000 on Cinebench down to 29,000 or lower.


I myself have seen a performance degradation in Cinebench and in 3d Mark TimeSpy CPU score.

Previous Cinebench R23 was 34k current 31k. TimeSpy CPU score has dropped from 19384 to 18564.

Notes I am running in dedicated ultimate GPU mode, some users report that the scores are fine in standard mode. 

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Level 10

Yup exactly that it comes down to silicon lottery and lots of testing, every chip has its own unique thresholds and ideal voltages for stability. Also it depends on what your system has running in the background that might be consuming active cpu core time. Keep testing till you find your ideal configuration. 

Thank both of you for helping me. I appreciate you guys 

Level 9

if your daily driver and use it for school or business and want to keep it cool -80 gives average 28500

I made this last bios update but now it is not opening when ı push button it is getting started but screen is not coming also 2 min later pc gets close  is there any solituon that you can suggest 


How did you get the bios update?I get my updates from the MyAsus software and they are done automatically  by the program without me intervening. Did you download yours from the Asus webpage?

No ı did with windows update system 

After o download the update everything was ok bios screen came and started to instaling but after that installing finished pc  closed ı cannot open right now. I try to open bios also but ı cannot do that. Nothing coming to screen 

Guys please help 

You mean Windows or your laptop won't even turn on?

I am pushing power button keyboard light is running. But on the screen nothing. Also 2 min later pc close.  

Oh ******! Did you create a boot USB or a recovery disk so you can boot Windows and reinstall it? If you press F2 when booting can you see soemthign on yoru screen the BIOs menu or soewmthing?

Obviously your Bios install is corrupted and now your motherboard can't send signals to the screen which is why it's dark. If you don't have a boot ISB or recovery media( hard drive, ssd , usb stick etc) is your laptop still under warranty?