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Scar 18 Bios 319 Cpu performance degradation

Level 10

Hi All. 

I am creating this topic for visibility & I hope it gets the attention of Asus representatives. 

The latest bios update for the Asus Rog Strix Scar 18 - Bios 319 is causing cpu performance degradation.

Users reporting they're dropping from 32,000 on Cinebench down to 29,000 or lower.


I myself have seen a performance degradation in Cinebench and in 3d Mark TimeSpy CPU score.

Previous Cinebench R23 was 34k current 31k. TimeSpy CPU score has dropped from 19384 to 18564.

Notes I am running in dedicated ultimate GPU mode, some users report that the scores are fine in standard mode. 

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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 I turned it off intel virtual technology in bios

I looked at your settings on the screenshots of Armory Crate in manual mode, please tell me what the default settings are for PL1, PL2, Base and Memory Clock Offset, Dynamic Boost for different modes - silent, perfomance, turbo 🙏 if you know

I want to make my own cooler operation schedule using standard profiles

Hi Romch.

Defaults: PL1 140 PL2 175. Gpu Dynamic boost 25W.

I have not touched that on any of the modes.

I cannot remember what the base and memory Gpu values were. 

I think it was 50 on base and 100 on memory. 

Best check with some screenshots on the internet. As mentioned, I prefer using msi afterburner to tweak the gpu. 

вы меня неправильно поняли) Я имел ввиду, какие значения PL1, PL2, Base and Memory Clock Offset, Dynamic Boost были установлены разработчиками оружейного ящика для разных режимов - silent, performance, turbo? Я хочу выйти из режима производительности, но настроить вентиляторы отдельно вручную. А для этого мне нужно знать PL1, PL2, Base and Memory Clock Offset, Dynamic Boost для режима производительности.


you misunderstood me) I meant what values ​​of PL1, PL2, Base and Memory Clock Offset, Dynamic Boost were set by the developers of the weapon box for different modes - silent, performance, turbo? I want to exit performance mode, but configure the fans separately manually. And for this I need to know PL1, PL2, Base and Memory Clock Offset, Dynamic Boost for performance mode.

haha I had to translate what you wrote there, sorry I don't speak Russian. 😂

Unfortunately, I have no idea what those values are for performance mode. You might need to do some research and go read or watch a few reviews. Perhaps they covered it. I have only used turbo and manual modes. 😀

I forgot to translate, sorry😁

do you know where I can see these parameters in throttlestop?

Level 10

My scores are both reduced on ultimate and standard gpu mode, instead of just ultimate mode, anyone else experience the same? People report that it’s only ultimate mode but i also get the same reduced scores on standard mode.

Mine was dedicated gpu mode only.

Reverted back to 318 from the above instructions and it is back to normal for now. 

I experience the same with both modes, but I am running only to external monitors so maybe is is forced to run off the gpu only anyway.

Level 8

For anyone who is having trouble keeping MyAsus and/or Windows Update from automatically updating to an undesired/latest Bios version, the best way to prevent that from happening is to manually create a restriction in RegEdit.

Back when I was on Bios .312, I was putting off Bios updates from the MyAsus app, but then Windows update pushed an update through, I would delete the downloaded Bios file, but after a few days Windows update just re-downloaded it and it auto-installed.

After creating an Exception in RegEdit, now whenever Windows update attempts to install a new Bios version, it prompts as 'installation failed'. I've been on Bios .317 since July, and Windows update has been unable to install a newer version.

(  Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DeviceInstall\Restrictions\DenyDeviceIDs   )

The above path is where the Hardware Id(s) are entered to prevent any updates occuring, I also have exceptions made for the GPU as Windows update kept installing newer versions of the Nvidia driver before I had a chance to research if it is buggy or not. I also made an exception for the Asus System Control Interface v3 after rolling back to 3.1.13 due to that colour-banding/gradient bug that arose a month or so ago in version 3.1.16

Hardware IDs for any desired device are located in Windows Device Manager eg; Nvidia RTX GPU-->Details-->Property-->Hardware ID

It's such trash that Asus Firmware updates are pushed thorugh the main Windows Update path and are not able to set as 'optional', it's also trash, and arguably worse, that Asus refuses to listen to our feedback and include RELEASE NOTES with each Bios/Firmware Update.

I have a G18 Strix and it's an awesome Notebook that I am happily using for weeks/months at a time, that is until an update is forced on the Notebook which I then have to research a solution for with no context on where to start thanks to the lack of release notes.