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SCAR 18 64 gb of RAM and CPU undervolt

Level 9

Good day everyone.
Month ago I upgraded RAM to 64 gb maker Fury. As I know for this procedure was necessary to switch off in Bios CPU voltage offset.

Ram is working on 5200 mhz. But if I switch back CPU voltage undervolt
laptop will never load, just boot loop happened, until I will install 1 stock ram.

Does anybody has same issue?P_20230814_134830.jpgP_20231002_123959.jpg


Level 10

Had a similar issue.

Try undervolt via throttlestop and not the bios.

In bios, set the core voltage configuration to enabled. Offset prefix to - Set value to 0. 

Download throttlestop latest version 9.6. 

Make sure Core Isolation memory integrity is disabled.

You may need to remove Windows Hypervisor Platform & Virtual Machine Platform from the installed Windows features. 

I have a stable undervolt of: -0.1602 Core, -0.1201 P and E Cache. -0.0293 on the rest.

And which temperature You got? 

Level 10

The temperatures will vary based on activity.

Always keep in mind for gaming, cpu utilization is based on the game engine and how optimised the code is. As well as other external factors, how well your liquid metal was applied, ambient room temperatures, elevation of your laptop etc. 

Take note I am running on an IETS GT500 cooler at around 1800 RPM.

I am running an undervolted GPU profile as well. +180 curve to 2520 at 935v & +500 memory.

Yes, I know I could push far more, but this is the bake in period.

Memory 32GB Kingston Fury Impact 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5-5600 CL40 SODIMM Kit.

OS Drive: 2TB Samsing 990 Pro with custom heatsink and Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8.

Data drive: The OEM Samsing 980 Pro the laptop shipped with. Also, Custom heatsink and Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8.

All tests were done in manual mode, Dgpu (Ultimate mode) with manual fan curves and a custom power profile.

Idle temps:

Cpu 47c-55c.

Gpu: 37-40c.

Cinebench R23 10 minute run average is around 90-94c.

Gaming averages will depend on the game's engine and utilization:

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0:

The average is 70-80. Some spikes around 90, which is normal.

Especially since the 2.0 update is more cpu heavy.

Red Dead Redemption 2:

The average is around 75 ish, The highest spike I have seen is around 87.

Diablo 4:

I have set a FPS cap of 120 due to poorly coded backend db functions. Average 60-75.

Very few spikes with the frame cap enabled.


Again, I have set a FPS cap with the dlss frame gen mod.

This is due to poor cpu utilization. The average is around 78-85, lots of spikes still though, The game needs more optimisation.

I have 2 x 2tb 980 pro in raid0. 

Kingston fury 2x32 gb 5600, but its works only 5200, its normal.

For gpu are you use MSI afterburner?

In OCCT test for 30 minutes I`ve got 92-94 on CPU whithout any undervolting. Gpu 78 max.


But anyway I just intersting is anybody has sam issue with stock bios after ram upgrade.


Level 10

Those temperatures are good, especially without the undervolt.

Yes, for the GPU, I am using Msi afterburner.

I have the RTX 4080 version of the laptop. The 4090 was out of stock at the time.

Bios version 319. Absolutely loving the machine.😁