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SCAR 18 4090 micro stutter on high fps

Level 9

 Hello i recently purchased a scar strix 18 with 4090 and i9 13980hx, i tried differents games like apex or starfield and the fps is good with high graphics. The problem is that i get microstutter every 30 seconds / 1 minute (or even less on apex Legends) and i can notice it in games like apex. it is really barely noticable but sometimes it is more.

I did everything from updating, reinstalling drivers with DDU but nothing helped.

The stutters are very fast and they happens every 20/30 seconds or so, game is playable but you can definitely notice the stutter sometime. Is there any fix? Thanks 


Level 9


Level 12

yes there is a fix just check few pages back and you will find the answer

or search in the forum write micro stutter and you will see some post there

when you find and read some information you can do some things that are writen in this other posts after this if your problem is no fixed come back here write what you do and what you try to fix your problem and than we can try to find a solution if the problem is not fixed

Thank you so much for you response im sorry for not being detailed with my problem. I tried to search about it in this forum and othet sites and i tried now a lot of differents solutions but any of those fixed it. I mean i get less stutter but it is still noticable and i dont think its normal.


I will write soon a detailed list of what i did and how the problem is.  Thank you.

Also information that we will need later if you dont find a fix is CPU GPU temperatures when gaming , what is your gaming profile in Armory Crate did you have latest Nvidia drivers also what are the settings that you play , did you try to reinstall the game , also for this micro stutters how big is the fps drop that you get


this post have too many comments but you can go to "solution"

Another post whit the same GPU like your

Level 9

Hello so i've tried everything almost:

  1. tried to install all drivers from ASUS site / tried to use last drivers
  2. tried to mess with nvidia control panel, seems nothing can remove those stutter 
  3. tried all the sub-reddit and reddit about the SCAR 18 and 4090 mobile probelms, seems nothing has fixed it (just make it better but i can still stutter)
  4. tried to unistall all asus bloatware (also not-asus bloatware) included armory crate but doesn't change anything
  5. tried ULTIMATE + TURBO / and other profiles (not manual profile as i dont want to break anything)
  6. tried different games and the stutter is different, it is more visible on Apex Legends and other games, but Starfield is still visible but not that much

     hwinfo: image 1 image 2 

    The stutter is not normal, it's like a micro-stutter that happens every 5-10 seconds for 30 seconds or it happens every 1 minute or 2 minutes, not always. Can't find what the problem is.

    It's all playable but you can definitely notice those stutter by playing, let me know if someone know what cause this.. thank you

for sure you must use Manuel Profile for better performance check this link and make a manual profile

this manual profile apply on the fans and the system so first from the link make a manual fan profile after this you can try again in games becouse from HWINFO64 that i see is the CPU has throttle and than also can make a shutter in hight fps game because your GPU have the power but when the CPU throttle he lower the frequency and that can make a problem 

when you make a custom profile and test it if you have again a problem chech the temperatures again you musnt see any red numbers that is overheating you can buy a cooling pad to improve the performance and life of your laptop

you have red numbers and your CPU still overheating you can try to limit you CPU power from here

Screenshot 2023-12-14 034225.png


make this you thing to 100W or 110W and try to play if you have problem again try to lower them to 95 and also after every tests  whit diffrence watts reset your HWINFO64 and check the temperature for every setting that you make 

i am not 100% sure is that the problem but your CPU overheat and that limit the performance when reach current temperature after the cpu hit temperature limit you frequence drop when they drop the cpu has cool little bit and again start to work at max after this again hit thermal limit and you CPU go non stop to this cicle so try this and write again

also be sure you Nvidia drivers are updated

and from Nvidia control panel reset the settings that you try becouse you can mess something from there 

use maximum performance from the pannel 

Screenshot 2023-12-14 034719.png


for example you can see my HWINFO whitout reseting for 7 hours also i play 5 hourse in that time 

Screenshot 2023-12-14 035637.png

max CPU temperature is 86

max GPU temperature is 71 

try what i write and you will see some performance and better work i have hope when you make your custom profile for better fan speeds and try to limit little bit your CPU power to prevent overheating that will fix your problem but first try to make only custom fan profile like is in the link and if you have problem then try to limit your cpu and in every limit that you apply test it in games try whit 110-100-90 or 95 try some combination to see what will happen and buy a cooling pad that is still important 


Thank you so much for your very good suggestions! I will try and let you know.. i can see the cpu get in that high only for one second then it gets cooler.

What rig do you have? isn't different for every rig? thank you btw, you're a lifesaver, let's hope it fix

i tried everything you said but the issue is still there, it's better but i can see still the microstutter.

here amory crate screen: screen  i tried to go also to 60w but nothing changed

hwinfo screen: screen  i noticed almost all P-cores except for 2 or 3 are thermal throttling

seems like temps gets better but still pretty high, maybe im doing something wrong?  i did not restart the laptop everytime

My rig is lower class Strix G16 G614J

In that case when you try almost everything you can try what "Scar16_4090" say do to clean windows install and test the system again 

If you have some information on your PC you can do windows Backup file and restored after this 


For armory crate custom fan profile and cooling pad is better to use it on every laptop you have to improve your temperatures 

For Armory Crate fan profile for every laptop is  different and you must try to abjust the fan speeds for your laptop 

Also if you cant install clean windows 11 i thing the factory reset will do almoust the same but if you can make clean install do what "Scar" man told you and after the test dont be afraid to install Armory Crate becouse i dont think your stutter come from there