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Scar 17 G733 secondary display via USB-C

Level 7
Please help, i have an urgent need to connect a secondary display over USB-C, choice is to select a USB-C to HDMI cable or USB-C to DP cable, but my display is HDMI. Do i need DP to HDMI adapter to properly connect ? My try need some buck to do, say no either cheap locally. Need just 1080/60.

Level 12

DP "was better" than HDMI 2.0 because you can take advantage of G-Sync (if external monitor supports it)... More details about G-Sync over HDMI/DP: Do G-SYNC Compatible displays work on both DisplayPort and HDMI with GeForce GPUs? | NVIDIA (custhel...

If you have only HDMI port on your (old?) external monitor, buy a USB-C -> HDMI.

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