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Scar 16 with rtx 4080 and miniled monitor 2023 version... CANNOT activate HDR (G634JZ)

Level 8


I recently bought this version of the laptop, i9, 4080, miniled monitor... i love it, this machine is exceptional, but i am confused. I can't activate HDR under Windows 11, even if it is stated as hdr compliant. Full production version: G634JZ

Am i missing something? i simply do not have the option to activate hdr on windows screen options.

I tried configuring to only use the discrete graphic card, i had a look in the bios, but i could not find a solution of any kind.

Any help? please?

Thank you.


Level 8

I did... some more research and found out that my SCAR 16 (not the basic strix) could have the basic Nebula monitor instead of the Nebula HDR despite telling in the product page that it has the NEbula HDR?


What the ACTUAL F?

Level 8

I can't activate either. he writes that he does not support. there are no models without mini leds scar 16 are all mini leds i think there is a software problem

Level 9

Only specific models of 634JZ and 634JY have miniLed with hdr, In EU that is models numbers 634jz-nm32/nm34, thus has to be NMxx version, and the specs say nebula display hdr 10 bit, 1000 niti. Models numbers 634jz-n4030, thus N4xxx have regular nebula display, no hdr and 500 niti or lower for brightness. So check your model. I have 634jz-nm32 and it  has hdr and miniled

How was I supposed to see this when I bought it? The fraud that asus did

I almost felt for it too, lucky me that I've observed that there are 2 models, with price difference and the specs diff, otherwise I would have bought the wrong one. Asus should have better model template for each type, especially since some store dont bother with showing the full model version, they show only 634jz

I can't return it, it's expired, but I guess I won't bother

If the store advertised your model on purchase as beeing with HDR support 1000 niti, 10 bit display, then you should be able to talk to them to return it and get the right model, otherwise if the product page showed the spec exactly for your current model with non miniled, then you are out of luck. So check the link of your product when you bought  it

I checked now my model number is 


What will I do

Level 8

This asus behaviour is... questionable, at best. I tried contacting asus support, but they offered nothing.

They do not seem to realize the damage to reputation.