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Scar 16 miniled color profile disappeared. What now?

Level 12

Hello. Clean windows 11 install, and the color profile disappeared...


How do i install color profile again? 


Level 9

Open Start > Search for and open Color Management > Click the Devices tab > Click the Profile button > Use the "Device" drop-down menu and select the monitor that you want to reset > Select the Reset my settings to the system defaults option.

Or if the default setting don't do it you can click on add and see what profiles you have, as they should be there in the icc like so :


and chose whatever one should be. if there's none or not the correct ones you could follow this guide:


Thank you so much for the reply KEZMARK, thank you!

No profiles avaliable to select

What installs the profile color, armory crate or asus smart display?

I will copy the profile color file and keep in pen usb drive, next time i do windows clean install, i manually install it

I dont want asus bloataware on my laptop


Theres no drivers for screen on assus website for this laptop, only the display HDR certification driver, nothing more

That driver installs the HDR certification only

Fairly sure armory crate installs them, but not certain.

You could get these if it's the same model as yours :

My model is G634YZ, is different model and different gpu 4090

The color profile is only to reproduce dolby vision? i dont need color profile for anything else?


Looks like i can manually install by copying the files to 


After installing armory crate im going to copy the color profile files to PEN, that way i think i can install color profile when i want - without asus apps

Ok, armory crate installs the color profile but... im missing one file it seems? VG248?

The other dude with 4080 has VG248 fileThe other dude with 4080 has VG248 file

I need to confirm with other 4090 miniled users if they have 100% the same files like me

Folks, check C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color\ and tell me

Just to double check if i need that VG248 file or not

kisz09 you have 4090 miniled, can you help? thank you!

Check my new post, scroll down this thread or in private message

Level 12

Ok, i have confirmed with other users VG248 file is not needed, they dont have it too, BUT...

After manually installing the color profile, in the window "associate color profile" with dynamic mode (intel gpu) :

8086 icm + 10DE PQconfig.DV

10DE icm + 10DE PQconfig.DV

PQConfig.dv file doesnt match the 8086 ICM file (intel gpu), i have 2 icm files, 10DE (4090) and 8086 (intel) and only one PQconfig file in the color folder, but the PQconfig file name only matches the 10DE icm file strangely, and color profile still doesnt appear on screen settings like before

That doesnt happen with armory crate, dynamic mode :

8086 icm + 8086 PQconfig.DV

10DE icm + 10DE PQconfig.DV

So, i really think, if people want the color profile installed, it needs to be installed using armory crate

That is the only correct way to install the color profile

Unfortunately, asus doesnt provide a color profile driver, like they have for HDR certification, plain stupid IMO, there should be a driver for color profile, the need to install armory crate to install color profile doesnt make any sense

Asus release a driver for color profile only! lets go!


With that said, is color profile really needed? or is just for Dolby Vision?

Level 12