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SCAR 16 G634JZ BSOD when entering BIOS

Level 7

I bought my scar 16 a few days ago and I have been really satisfied with it, except for one detail. I am unable to enter bios. At first I was able to enter bios and I left all settings on default. But later in MyASUS app, my bios got updated to version 321. And now, when I try to enter bios on boot or from windows (pressing shift + restart) i get a blue screen with the message: system thread exception not handled, and description: intelppm.sys. I then installed the latest BIOS from website (version 325), but the problem still remains. I am able to use PC otherwise since normal boot to windows is OK, only bios entry attempt gives problems. Safe Windows boot does not help, and I checked all drivers. Can Windows and drivers settings even affect the ability to boot into the bios on startup?

I really need help, since not being able to get into BIOS might cause me some big problems in the future. I would really appreciate any advice.