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Scar 16 Artifacting On Boot

Level 7

Well, I’ve owned my 13980HX/4090 laptop for about a week, first time I’ve seen this issue on mine so far. Using dGPU only. Bought a cooling pad to test thermals yesterday, went to boot up the laptop and screen started artifacting for 30-45 seconds and then windows Home Screen came up finally. I haven’t been able to replicate the issue after trying for an hour of booting, however this is very different from the common black screen software issues I’ve been seeing from this model in particular. 

If anyone has any insight to if this is a bigger QC issue that I’m unaware of or if there is a proven fix before returning I’d appreciate the insight. After the initial artifacting I ran all my normal gaming suite titles and nothing wrong with gGPU etc. 

Kind of at a loss on what to do here, but only have a week left on my return window to swap or try a different brand / model