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Scar 16 (2023) Mini-LED Screen goes dark in games

Level 8

With God Of War after about 15 seconds of gameplay the screen goes very dim and stays that way after the game is closed. I have to turn HDR off in Windows 11 to get the screen go back to a proper brightness and that's not guaranteed and sometimes it takes toggling this setting multiple times to fix it.

Have a similar issue in Cyberpunk 2077 though it happened after 30 minutes of gameplay.

This has happened in some other games too.

I've tried updating to most recent Nvidia graphics driver with no luck.


Level 8

Forgot to say, this happens whether HDR is enabled or not.

Is your laptop plugged in when this is happening? or you running it on battery power??

Hi. Yes it's plugged into the mains and I've checked that the power supply is working.

Level 8

Also forgot to say I've obviously checked power and power config settings.

Looking at System Restore I noticed that Windows Update had installed some sort of Asustek driver on 26th December so, have System Restored and turned off Windows Updates for drivers and so far today the problem has not reoccurred.

So once again bravo ASUS ! 😁

Level 11

The display is actually powered by the intel UHD graphics. IF you go to Microsoft settings and check under display properties you will see that it's not the Nvidia gpu that powers your laptop screen. Have you tried to see with My Asus if your laptop is up-to-date software -wise? Intel also has a free software which automatically scans your laptops and recommends intel updates for your integrated graphics and cpu( if an intel one). When you are  not gaming in normal use or when you play Youtube videos do you have that problem or is it only when gaming?

It could be a power issue. What power profile are you using? Is it balanced, maximum performance, adaptable brightness?

I found this thread on Google search which you should read as it may help:



Yes, I've run MyAsus and tried all of those suggestions, well those that are possible to try as there's no adaptive brightness settings in power config in Windows 11 at least not on my computer.

I've tried all the various power profiles and that didn't help

I've rolled back the system to a stage before a Windows Update which included an Asus driver and that appears to fix it.

Happy you were able to resolve the issue. Sometimes all it takes is a simple rollback to an earlier config to solve an issue. BTW I recommend s disabling fast start-up .It means your laptop boots a little slower 15 seconds for me but it reduces the possibility of file corruption and Windows bugs according to Windows IT specialists.