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Rog stryx gl 502VM does not turn on and there are no indicator lights on

Level 7
I've been very happy with my 502Vm until last week when I tried to turn on the computer and ot didn't boot.
There were no signs of it turning on either coonected to the power outlet or just on battery.
Furthermore, the indicator lights were off as well meaning that even connected to the outlet there was no sign whatsoever.
I took the pc for repair (still in warranty) and on the store these symptoms were confimed.
The computer was sent to asus for repair.
When I got it back it all deemed to work well.
The report said that no issue was found and that a bios/drivers update had been performed.
I took the pc home, turned it on , did some minor web browsing and turned it off.
I left it alone in the weekend but yesterday when i tried tuning it on the same issue happened: no lights and the pc dorsnt turn on.

Does anyone have any idea on what may be causing this? I will take the pc again for repair but it seems very strange that nothing was found.

Thank you in advance for any help.