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ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023)

Level 8

I'm having a following problem, which just happened again with my ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023),
Model number: G834JY

When I put latpop in sleep mode in Windows 11, it sometimes starts flashing the LED bar to the rainbow effect colour, and then gets back to the "regular" sleep flashing (red flashes), but that's not what is worrying me the most. Suddenly today my laptop OVERHEATED himself DURING THE SLEEP MODE (!!!???), I put it to sleep 14 hours before, and put it on cooling tab on my desk (like i usually do for the night), so imagine my shock when I wanted to wake it up after 14 hours realizing it's HOT, and when I turned it on it started showing some random pixels, then it immedialy turned on the fans, cooled down, and working OK for now. I'm worried though, because it can be dangerous that laptop is heating up itself when it's in sleep mode (!!!). Can you somehow explain this strange behavior, and what could be the reason for it? 
I recently had some problems with Armoury Crate application which did show some errors, but it suppose to be solved with latest update, but this overheating during the sleep is scaring me.

How is this even possible that it does not turn the fans on when it's heating up ?



Level 12

If the "Armory Crate" software worked properly, then the states you describe should not exist, but since it is very different, you don't even know what to advise you to do, since the AC settings conflict with the system settings.

On my computer, the first thing I did was kick sleep mode out of the power plans.

can you explain what you mean by "the first thing I did was kick sleep mode out of the power plans" step by step ?i'm not sure what are the  exact steps....

The Windows operating system uses power plans to support computers, while in laptops, the default setting is the sleep mode, which is turned on very quickly when idle. Unfortunately, computers often have trouble waking up from this mode, so I prefer not to use it.

Ah, ok I know what you mean. I can't accept that as a solution of removing the sleep mode, because this should work properly. My previous laptop from ASUS worked correctly with sleep mode, and this a better mode than hibernation because it does not wear out SSD drive (system doesn't write all the memory to the disk).

I expect the sleep mode to work correctly and laptop should never wake up on it's own.

I uninstalled the Armoury Crate completely, and I'm gonna check if this problem happens anytime soon.

If anybody has a solution for the sleep mode problem, please let me know.

I see that it's not only one ASUS model problem, it's the problem which more people have with different models: