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Rog Strix Scar 18 2023 Ram Upgrade

Level 8


does anyone know if it already possible to put 64GB of ram working on 5600mhz?

My double rank RAM only works on 5200mhz.

I've got the latest Bios 319 and still no options available on Bios.

Thank you.


Level 12

Are you portuguese by any chance? im from portugal btw

Nope, 64gb ram only works at 5200, if you want 5600, use 32gb ram

Boas, sim sou.

Eu falei com o suporte da Asus e eles garantiram me que dava, então eu comprei as de 64GB para funcionarem a 5600mhz.

Mas o que é cerro é que estão a funcionar a 5200mhz, agora eles mandaram a questão para o departamento interno deles, estou à espera de uma resposta.

O que vai acontecer é que se não der mesmo, vou pedir reembolso, porque foi uma info dada por eles.


Bom ver outro tuga aqui! caralh* 😃

Write in english because this is international forum

Never trust support of any company, be it a brand, or store, worten, etc

Ask directly to other people with same product as you, is the better way to learn things

Yeah 64gb will run at 5200, nothing you can do about it, and if you only game, you dont need 64gb 

32gb is overkill already


2 questions

- What scar 18 you have? 4080 or 4090? miniled screen too?

- What games you play btw?

Im also thinking in upgrading from 4800 to 5600, but first im confirming if the upgrade is noticeable

Im asking around and reseaching online

yessss 🫡💪🏻

Before talking to Asus technical support, I came here to the forum to research about this and I got the idea that it only supported 64GB at 5200mhz

But I wanted to check with them and they assured me that it would work, so if there is a problem I will try to make them responsible.

From what I researched, capacity is always more important than frequency, I feel more stability with these RAMs.

I have the i9 with the 4080, the 4090 was too expensive....😪😪

AAPG game, it's like CS but in my opinion more realistic for now.

and what do you play?

You are sure you can refund the ram? where did you bought it?

No miniled screen?

AAPG game, what game is that?


Many titles, the most important ones, alan wake 2, ac mirage, CS 2, im waiting for robocop

I will try to.. because I bought it based on information they gave me

With miniled yes

America's army proving grounds

I'm waiting for gta6 ..

But last one's I playd was hogwarts legacy and las of us pt1

Do you notice some screen flickering while browsing the web with a browser?

Some specific web pages, sometimes flicker, selecting something, or in desktop

Is really weird

YouTube, gaming all good


I have Been talking to people with scar and 5600 ram they all say is not worth it to upgrade, there's no difference

I was planning to buy 32gb 5600 but everyone says is not worth it 

Regarding the games

Hogwarts legacy I didn't finish it yet, very good game

And last of us 1 remake is really good, amazing GFX 

But if you want to put your laptop to test you should play Alan Wake 2 is the most demanding game ever until now 

Gta 6 will take many years to arrive to PC

Rockstar releases PC version 1 year after consoles or 2 years after... 

Until then 4000 gpus are already outdated

No i didn't notice nothing, still smooth in every occasion.

It's normal in laptop's the upgrades are not that thing we expect...but like I said It feels more stable in fps and not to overload.

Maybe we don't have to wait that long for the gta6.. they've been talking that the game is next to be released .. will see

Install the AAPG and come to play one or 2 online shoots..

Did you install bios 321? Everything good?