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ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733 G733QSA-KH097T

Level 8

Hello, I have a persistent problem: the graphics card in my laptop automatically turns on in eco-mode when the system starts in Armory Care, when I want to switch to standard or optimized, the application slows down with the inscription switching, the graphics card is detectable in the device manager and drivers can be installed for it


Accepted Solutions

I sent the laptop to a specialist service for diagnosis, it is possible that it will be the VRAM power section, at least that's what I bet because the card itself is detectable in the BIOS and the system. thx for help

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Level 12

Do you try to switch it from the bios 


this option enable only Nvidia gpu try to see what will happen also update your bios version if you are whit old version

You must be on version 321 for me this version work good and i dont have any problems  whit this bios version 

My bios version is 331 at the moment, but I don't see an option to switch it

No problem do you try to change this option from the bios

I don't have this option in the BIOS to change it


Level 12

when this is happening is the laptop plugged in or on battery ? If it is happening while on battery its normal.

Eco mode could be from armoury crate setting  or  it in windows power settings. 



I tested it and when it was connected to the power supply and on the battery, it immediately showed eco mode when Windows started. I checked Amoury Care in Windows, everything set to maximum efficiency, changing plans to turbo or efficient also does not bring results

did you try to uninstall AC and after this install it again you can use uninstall tool 

You should try setting armoury crate fan curve manually instead of using the presets

Level 8

when updating to the latest version of amoury care, it gets stuck while preparing the installation, I don't know what's going on. I uninstalled it like with the uninstall tool and installed it again, it didn't help, the card is still stuck in eco mode