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ROG Strix Scar 17 2023 - G733PY Bios 324

Level 7

My new laptop arrived at the beginning of this week, but i haven't got time to move/reinstall everything on in until today

So today i've installed my stuff, did all the updates including Bios 323 (this one got installed by MyAsus app)

Then later on, while checking windows updates i've seen Bios 324 getting installed, which is not yet listed on Asus Rog Site and it doesnt appear in the MyAsus App either

 So, i do wonder what this Bios does - hopefully doesnt fix the recent divulged AMD "Inception" Vulnerability at the cost of performance, because honestly i dont really care about these types of CPU vulnerabilities on my Gaming machine.

The issue that made me create this thread is the fact that in 3dMark TimeSpy, my new beast of a gaming laptop has absolutely pathetic CPU scores compared to my old laptop, G733QS.

So, check the CPU scores and tell me how come a Ryzen 9 7945HX, 16C/32T is only 10% faster than a 2+ years old 8C/16T, Ryzen 9 5900HX?

Does the new bios has anything to do with this (i really hate myself for letting the system to install 324 before benching 323)




Level 9

These are my results for compare on my G733PY (bios 324 run on turbo)

turbo 13.08.2023.jpg

Level 7

Yea, there is something weird with the performance consistency.

Last evening, following a reboot, i run another test, and it was quite good actually


Today, after leaving the laptop overnight locked (and in sleep?) i did another test - got 5000 GPU score, the 4090 never exceeding 55W during test. So following a reboot i did some 3-4 more tests, best one being this.