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ROG Strix Scar 17 / 19-12900h + 3080Ti HOT

Level 7
Just got my new 2022 model ROG Strix Scar 17 wih i9-12900h + 3080Ti mobile.

The CPU seems to be running very hot, even if i set the laptop on silent mode AND limit the cpu frequency to 99% power profile, it is still running around 85-90 celcius keeping the fans quite loud. And this is while running somewhat light games as Valheim, and its FPS limited to 85 fps in nvidia drivers.

Not happy with this at all.

i have the same problem in the g733cx and the cpu is running in idle at 95 degrees

Level 10
Same with G733ZW. If it was only possible to have at least a fixed undervolt, all would be different... The exuce with Plundervolt is not good anymore as many new CPUs are able to be undervolted like 12950hx.

I have the G733CX version and same problem. Cpu will thermal throttle at 95 and then the frequency drops, but the temperature is still around 90-95 C.

When I first booted the laptop I noticed that the fans rpm speed were higher, after updating the armoury crate the max at 100% is 6000rpm on both cpu and gpu, when it was 6500-7000rpm. Even if you use the MYasus diagnosis tool you will see the fans reach higher speeds than the armoury crate app, so I Believe they capped it on purpose. GPU temps reach 81-83C at max too, that's pretty high.

I also have an MSI ge76 laptop with liquid metal on both cpu and gpu, temps are like 10-20% lower in general. 6500 rpm speeds when using cooler boost.

EDIT: I found the problem and you probably won't like it.

So, I bought this laptop 4 months ago and sincerely I never saw really good temperatures (comparing it with my other msi laptop), always had some doubts about the build quality of asus laptops.

Today I decided to "open" the laptop to check the internals, especially the liquid metal (applied by ASUS), and this is what I see...



I was shocked, but I know that having such high temperatures wasn't normal. I didn't even have to repaste it, just used all those leftovers and it was enough.

Temperatures dropped significantly. I've been playing warzone 2 and CPU was throttling the whole time at 96-97C and now max temp is 77-81C, the GPU was around 81-83C and now max temp is 75C.

Conclusion: I strongly recommend everyone that is having temperature issues to open up your laptop and check, 99% that is probably the problem.

Level 10
@joelonxs - I did the same with my G733ZW a week after I bought it (waited for the paste to arrive from Amazon few days ago). Reaplied liquid metal with Conductonaut, MX6 for the GPU and K5 Pro for all the surroundings. Now it's a totaly different machine. I've set PL1 and PL2 to 85 and 115. No idiotic spikes all the time. It hits the PROCHOT only 1-2 times in a game sporadically, but usually stays at 75-80 C (Destiny 2 at max settings). If it was possible to undervolt, it would run 10 degrees cooler. I usually use it for CAD/CAM and the game is just to taste the cooling capability.
I did the same with my previous G731GW (9750H/RTX2070) 3 years ago a week after purchase. It managed to reach CB scores hard to be overpass by any competitor and it was not hitting neither POWER, no THERMAL limits. The Limit box in ThrottleStop was black as the night all the time. The perfectly set laptop. I don't know if the warranty is void, but it's a noncese to use the laptop as it comes from the factory. All of them have poorly applied TIM. On the attached picture you can even see the VRAM is not entirely covered and some chips are almost skipped. It's not a propper pasting for a 3000 euro laptop, people... Please provide a BIOS with option to at least have a fixed undervolt. The PLUNDERVOLT excuse is not working anymore as the 12950 has the option for undervolt.

Level 7

i bought the G733CX with 3080TI und 12950 i9 in November 2022 and what can i say, these 4000€ were wasted.
i'm really disappointed.
I was very happy to play now F1 22 with max Raytracing und in WQHD but after 30 Minutes the PC shutdown and can't be started for the next 5 Minutes.
Temperatures were around 85 - 90 °C for both CPU and GPU.
CPU was around 30% usage und the GPU always at 100%!!!!! during the game.
I contacted the Support and send the Laptop to the repair.
They advised me to reset the Laptop before und i tried it.
The installation of Win11 stopped at 64% and started a loop of rebooting for 45 Minutes without any progress.

They received my Laptop on 24.03.2023 and sent it back 3 Weeks later.
The Support can not find any Hardware problem and can not reproduce it.
So nothing has been done during these 3 Weeks, what can solve the problem.

I unpacked it, switched it on, installed the Win11 updates and the new BIOS update 316 (Before 314 was installed).
I installed F1 22 again and was full of joy and exited that i was able to play it now for 9 Hours without a shoutdown.
I complimented the Laptop and asked for forgivnes, that i called him "Arschkarte". 😄
But 20 Minutes later it started again.
Arschkarte switched of again and could not be started for 5 Minutes.
That was today.
Now if I start the game, I only can play it for 10 Minutes, until Arschkarte (Laptop) switches off.

Now I only want my Money back, that i can buy a new Laptop from a different company.
The XMG from Schenker are good.
There I can get a 4080 with an i9 13900 for only 3800€👍

Level 11

That is either a duff cooling assembly, or improper application of the liquid metal. RMA or return that laptop.

As amazing as liquid metal is, it requires specific application to work properly. Basically the LM on the Die needs to be rubbed thoroughly across the whole die and also the cold plate. So when the surfaces meet it sort of pools, like when you bridge 2 drops of water kinda thing. Otherwise it almost acts hydrophobic in a way and gives terrible thermal transfer. Unfortunately, ASUS have had a fair few of these instances of poor application from factory, to remedy it yourself voids the warranty though, so it's RMA or a return.

Hope this explains the problem a little for you.

thx for that info
i already contacted the support by mail regarding my former RMA Number and informed them that it is still not solved
i have to wait now for the answer on monday
i already told them, that i would prefer to receive my money back

Level 7

Same, i have Asus ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733ZW i9 12900h with RTX 3070 Ti laptop.

When i play some games, my cpu have 90-100 celcius. Please Asus create some fix patch...

Level 7

For me it was also the issue of poor factory apply of the metal liquid, quarter of the CPU barely had any on it.

Previously my CPU refused to go over 30W, and lowest temps I saw where 85C+, even at idle, normal usage was 95-100C. CPU failed to keep clock speed above 2,5GHz (P cores)

Now I see CPU temps go above 90C only with extreme loads (80 - 120W)., idle around 50 -70C. Clock speeds constantly above 4,2GHz (P cores)