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Rog strix scar 16 overheating (average temp 96 in BF1) max is like 105

Level 7

I think my machine might be defective, in a session of bf1 my asus G634JZ is averaging 96 celsius

( in HW info) and max i have seen like 105-106C , the poweer consuption is like 60-70 w average and cpu utilization something like 20% so i cant explain these temps , its also always hitting the throtle limit.Idle temps are also around 60C . im thinking about returning it and getting the Lenovo pro 7i with the same i9 chip =. I need this machine for heavy cad use also so i dont think i can acccept these temps. Cinebench score is also around 30000 so im not getting any crazy performance, I ve tried everything including using the Ghelper instead of armory crate. i apreciate any advice. i really like this machine its a shame if i have to return it. Thank you


Level 7

I can confirm I had my G634JY/4090 variant since March and I am displeased as well with temps. Even tore it down and inspected the awful factory liquid metal application they shipped it with and re-pasted. Got slightly better temps but this thing still runs way hotter than any Asus laptop i've had previously. Asus customer support is awful to, I am done with them. all they want to do is RMA my laptop and not directly replace. But i know they will just take it apart and repaste and I already did that.

I actually ordered a Lenovo Legion Pro 7i on Saturday and it will be here October 20th or maybe slightly after that. But either way, I see a lot of better results with temps and cooling capabilty from the Lenovo Legion's and they are cheaper too. I paid 2700 (2800 after taxes) for the 4090 model and they include a free yerar of ultimate support that they will send a tech out to repair/replace your unit if need be under that coverage. Which puts Asus to shame because for 3600 dollars these SCAR 16's should be quality controlled better, and at the very least their customer support should be able to warrant a direct replacement/advanced RMA where the customer is willing to provide payment information for said replacment and to test/send the problematic unit back. Asus is awful anymore, their customer support is utterly useless. What's it going to hurt to do a one time exception for an advanced RMA on a super expensive "premium" product that the customer is not satisfied with, and already took the responsibility to re-paste and test themselves?

go with the Lenovo Legion man, i took the dive and I am looking forward to putting it to the test against this over priced piece of junk.