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ROG Strix Scar 16 has random frame drops

Level 7

I got a Strix Scar 16 (with a 4090 and i9) during the black friday sale and for a while it ran perfectly (I could run cyberpunk 2077 on max settings and get good framerates) but now every second or so the framerate drops to ~6 fps for a couple frames making the game almost run in slow motion. I've tried it on multiple games (cyberpunk, madden, and hitman) and it happens in all of them but doesn't happen when I'm watching videos or using it for schoolwork etc. If it matters, I've tried it both on turbo and manual and have tried undervolting the cpu and overclocking the gpu but none of that changed anything (anything below turbo doesn't have good enough framerates on good graphics settings to be useable). Lowering the graphics quality improves framerate (obviously) but not fix the drops, change the framerate during the drops, or make them happen less. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Level 12

There is so much writen about this problem just search a few page back and you will find so much answers also you will see same post not only for your laptop also for other laptops that have stutters like yours and the information from this other post's can help you to fix yoyr problem