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ROG STRIX SCAR 16 (2023) G634JZ - poor M.2 SSD performance

Level 7

I'm getting worse performance than on my 5 year old desk with with PCIe 3 drives. What I'm doing is compiling a Visual Studio 2022 solution, and it's take 2x to 5x as long depending on the power option I choose. Luckily now, I've gotten it to stick with "Higher Performance" and not hide it afterwards. Now my compile time is 2:15, but that's compared to 1:05 on my 5 year old desktop that is 4 Intel generations behind and an M.2 SSD that is one generation behind.

I disabled RAID 0 and reinstalled Windows 11, but that really didn't make much of a difference. RAID 0 does add latency, so I was wondering if that would help with a ton of random reads and writes, like what Visual Studio is going to do when compiling a solution with a lot of projects.

It seems like there's some type of throttling going on or the part of the system that controls the M.2 SSDs just isn't up to par. Single drive performance is about 6700MBps read, which isn't as close to the 7300MBps as I think it should be.

I replaced the 1TB M.2s they put in this machine with brand new Western Digital Black 4TBs, and it's not great, and I'm pretty sure it's not the drives themselves.

I heard somewhere that this model had SSD performance issues? Is that true? It's definitely not a CPU or GPU issue.