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ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533QS - problem with low CPU performance

Level 7

I bought a ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533QS 2.5 weeks ago.
I have a big problem with CPU performance.
Especially in games like Watch Dogs Legion and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. When I compared the result from the Tomb Raider benchmark with the one made on the same laptop model, I had about 20fps less in the Ultra settings. And when I compared the result from the Watch Dogs benchmark with my result, I had an average fps worse by 21 at the same quality settings.
And the laptop with the better results had the same processor but the RTX 3070.
I compared it with the results at the beginning of this video.

In both of these games, on my laptop, the processor reaches 85-95% and the GPU around 50-60%. And on the laptop from the movie, the opposite is true and the FPS is much higher despite the worse GPU.
Screenshot taken during the internal benchmark in Watch Dogs.
Screenshot taken after the internal benchmark in Watch Dogs is complete.

When I compared my results with the PreformanceTest application
(my results: with same processor results from this site some of my results were significantly worse, especially Physics and Prime numbers.

I have already tried to change all possible settings in windows in the "Processor power management" section related to CPU performance and it did not work.
I wonder if the CPU might be faulty and still running stably, possibly something else.


Level 7
Your memory is in single channel mode, where dual channel is standard. If you only have one memory stick then it always is single channel.


ZenTimings is a free small utility that shows lots of info about memory on Ryzen systems, at the bottom you see how many RAM sticks there are installed - And yes, memory bandwidth is very important for gaming/fps.


Level 7

You found the problem at 99%, also previously suspected RAM to be the reason for such low performance.
Especially since I found this information before:
When I was looking for the reason for the poor results of Physics and Prime numbers in the benchmark PreformanceTest.
But I thought the RAM might be corrupted. I did a RAM defect test, but it was ok.

Thank you for your help.

Level 7
I did a RAM test in PreformanceTest and compared with the test of exactly the same RAM (Samsung M471A2G43AB2-CWE).

My test came out very poorly.

I suspect that the test described on this site was done on Dual Channel mode, which is why the result is so good compared to mine.

If you play with very high settings and high resolution there is much less difference, but big difference using 1080p and low/medium settings.

Here is the difference between single and dual channel memory configuration.

Level 7
In Watch Dogs Legion 1080p, my results look a lot like in this video with RAM Single Channel.
I also have about 50fps with Ultra settings.

Thanks again for finding the problem.

Level 7
The situation has been resolved!
I confirm 100% that the problem was one RAM chip, which is why the memory worked in Single Channel.
Today I put two 16GB memory chips in my laptop and everything started working fine on Dual Channel.
The gaming performance is also decent.

Thank you for your help.