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ROG Strix laptop wrong cpu temp on armoury crate and amd software

Level 7

My laptop was showing idle 90-95C then i opened it up to see and it was pretty clean. I touched the cpu and it was pretty cold since it's winter. I booted it up again and it shows 93C right off the bat which can't be right. Are the sensors broken? I have noticed significantly low performance in gaming as well so maybe it's wrongfully throttling. I have checked both armoury crate and the amd software. Armoury crate never goes below 90 degrees while the amd software fluctuates between 70 and 90 in an instant which can't be right. I have a ryzen 9 5900hx and rtx 3070.


Level 12

Check which process is so CPU-intensive and disable that process.

Level 11

It could indicate a serious cooling system problem. Have you checked on Armoury Crate to see if all your fans (I assume you have three of them) are running normally? How old is your laptop? Also do you clean the vents of your laptop with compre3ssed air? It could be the case that they are clogged with dust and the heat is not escaping and causing your laptop internals to overheat. It's advised to clean laptop air vents twice a year especially if you live in a place with open windows and fairly dusty air.

Level 12

Get rid of armoury crate and use G-Helper less bloat ware on it and works the same.

And how is this going to magically solve his overheating issue?

It will help a bit, as GHelper permanently lowers the CPU power and doesn't clutter up your system like Armory Crate. Besides, it's a good idea to disable VBS in your system (!).

Because Asus software is garbage.

We will take your word for it. Oh wait !I use on 2 laptops and it works perfectly fine. May be the issue is not the software but users like you who couldn't find their way to the bathroom without a gps trying to master simple software?