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ROG Strix II gl704 gw Keyboard Dying

Level 7
Hi All ,NOt sure if this isthe right place.
My keyboard is slowly dying. the A key, Space, 2, and Left Control keys are missing keystrokes, more often than not. I took the laptop apart and cleaned it out and it helped for a bit, but a week and a half later the A key is still acting up, especially in games.

I bought a replacement full internal keyboard, but saw that there are plastic rivets and have read that once I removed them to replace the keyboard, it won't be the same as my original. i believe the keys would give way under my fingers.

I'm looking for advice. Should I try to replace the original keyboard with the part I bought or seek another solution. I have a usb keyboard now but i'd prefer not to use it if possible.

Before you ask, it's not under warrantee anymore or else I would have already sent it in.