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ROG Strix GL702ZC Microstuttering Question to other Owners like me?

Level 8
I have been playing around with different games and noticing some do fps drops and some do some type freezing...I do not understand how this can be done when I am using Radeon's 19.1.1 on my system and keeping it example's is Resident evil Revelations 2 ,when doing raid mode I noticed some of the afore mentioned issues with maxxed out when the monsters pop in whoosh...and when they die...or too much shooting quickly...

other games vary based on settings and Gameplay.I have noticed world of warship's having fps drops between 70fps and down to 60 ,50 ,40 and 30 at times...alot of fluctuating...I have the laptop on default high setting's and not overclocking...all system drivers are up -to-date and I have two same 16GB sticks that work great and I am sure everything is working fine...

anyone have any suggestion's?