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ROG Strix G814JI drains 5% during 4 hour Sleep (S0) while Energy Saver In Standby is good

Level 8

I've been using the sleep function on all my Asus laptops since 2008 and I am used to a little drain (2% max) overnight but now things don't seem to work properly because the laptop goes to hybernate during the night because the Standby Battery Budget is Exceeded (default set to 5% by Asus/Microsoft).

I've been using the laptop for a week now and I can't seem to track the issue.

Powercfg /SLEEPSTUDY shows the following:















As you can see something Unknown causes a Loss of battery power of 5% which triggers the hybernate function because it exceeds the set budget. I have tinkered with all kind of settings and Powercfg /LASTWAKE says None and all such things are ok too so i'm not getting any further troubleshooting what is causing the drain. 

Other settings are: Fast Startup (windows) disabled, Fast Boot (bios) enabled (nothing is changed in bios), BIOS version 318 (started with 317), upgraded RAM Kingston Fury Impact to 32 Gb on 5600 MHz, 2nd SSD placed Crucial P3 Plus (1 Tb) and no devices (HID/USB) in device manager are allowed to wake up the laptop from sleep. I also tried to unplug power and USB receiver before closing lid but that didn't help either.

Does anybody know what to check next to trace this Unknown Loss during S0 Sleep?

Also my M1 to M5 hotkeys stopped working after starting up from hybernate this morning, all of a sudden, but I managed to resolve that by reinstalling the ASUS System Control Interface v3 driver in device manager, shutt off, unplug everything from laptop, press Power button for 40 seconds, reconnect power and USB receiver and press Power again to start up, It takes a while to start up.