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ROG Strix G713PV BIOS update 329 causing CPU to run hotter

Level 7

Updating to BIOS version 329 which was just released has caused my CPU to run hotter.  That is a real problem for me because I am a chronic migraine sufferer and there is a noticeable difference in fan noise.  Before the update, it ran cool and quietly on both "balanced" and "silent" mode as long as I wasn't doing much.  I have checked all the settings I can think of.   There were no problems installing the new firmware and yes it was the right version for my model.  The heat increase was immediately noticeable after the update but the CPU usage was as low as before.  The minimum processor power state is set the same at 5%.  I can't see anything now using CPU resources that could account for this change.   I use GHelper instead of the pre-installed bloatware and that shuts down unnecessary services (which helped account for how quiet it was - it's a great little substitute for Armoury Crate).   The only thing that has changed is the firmware version.   Are others experiencing the same change?  Can anyone give me any suggestions?  


Level 12

What mean the processor is hotter ? No one can help beecouse the important information about the problem are not writen here ... So it will be easy to write what modes you use what are the actual CPU and GPU temperatures at idle and under stress also information what are the fans speeds under stress or idle use at this modes that you write 

Also if there is a problem you can try to make a Custom profile from Armory Crate i never use any other profiles only custom profiles and you can abjust your system how you won't 

Level 7

Had issues as well.Temps were at the 80-90 range without running any apps.Uninstalled the armoury crate and installed ghelper.Temps are now at the 60c range

..... 0 logic ! The problem is not in Armory Crate and is impossible to drop 30c° whit Ghalper 

The problem is in you becouse you dont know how to abjust this program ....

Can you explain what Ghalper and Armory Crate do and how Ghelper drop 30c° and where was the problem in Armory Crate for this temperature ?

LMAO.Why adjust the program???I used the default silent/performance modes.But there is logic.Because crate was keeping the cpu high no matter if i had silent on and temps where never below 76C IDLE.When i switched to ghelper CPU drops in idle and temps drop.Thats how those things work.Something stuck in crate obviously.

Becouse there is actually no performance different between Ghelper and Armory Crate ... They do the same work .... And you wont to tell me 99% of the people whit Armory  Crate have a issue whit overheating and fps drops ? I tryed both and they do the same work ... Also not only Armory Crate need abjust and custom profiles to work good the same is whit Ghelper becouse the performance and turbo mode on this 2 programs are useless

Now i use Armory Crate whitout any issues 

Can you tell me where you se thermal throttle on this photo or low fps ? 

Also my cpu is overclocked from 4.5ghz to 5ghz 

And gpu is also overclocked little



Screenshot 2024-03-17 135143.pngScreenshot 2024-03-17 135718.png

Did i say all people have issue with overheating? A.No.They do the same work? A.Yes.Do software have glitches? A.Yes.I don't play games at all.I use the laptop for work.So my answer was "what did i do to solve my overheat issue.Because my CPU was never under 75C in IDLE.I could install Crate now and work just fine.BUT its OBVIOUS that there was something wrong with the software in my machine.And i did a windows restore.So this was without anything else installed.