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ROG STRIX G713 PI not turning on after ram and hard drive installation

Level 7

I've installed both 32 gigs of DDR5 ram and a second hard drive, after each time I installed the ram and the hard drive (installed at different times) the computer would not show any indications of turning on charging or what ever.  At this point I'm just curious because the laptop is working and it is recognizing the upgrades, I just want to know in the case that I ever have to go into the laptop again. I don't plan on taking the cover off anytime soon.


US Customer Loyalty Agent

The links below are from the global website, so change the region at the bottom of the page if necessary.

Doesn't sound like you ran into this issue if the notebook is working now, but the FAQ below mentions you need to reinstall the bottom cover before you can turn it on again.

The other FAQ below mentions the notebook may need time to go through memory training in some situations.