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ROG Strix G614JV Event ID 41 (63) random unsafe restart.

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I have ROG Strix G614JV laptop with Windows 11 purchased a month ago. It had no issues for about week but now it randomly reboots with Event ID 41 (63) 6-7 times in a day. I have no CPU overclocking. BIOS version is 317. myASUS says all is up to date. The restart issue may happen when laptop is idle . Power mode is set to Windows controlled and balanced. Windows 11 was reset but same issue is seen. Does anyone have the same issue maybe by any chance?






Level 8

I have the exact same issues on a ROG Strix G634JZ. Had it a over the summer with no issues, but this week I have noticed several unexpected reboots. Not even a BSOD, it just directly reboots without any warning. It has normal CPU/GPU load when it happens, no fans spin up, no heat when I feel the laptop. 

I tried using Armoury Create to set the profile to Windows and GPU mode to Standard after reading a few posts, but still reboots.
Today it felt worse during a video call with screen sharing, I had 4 reboots within a 1-hour meeting. After the meeting ended, I had 0 reboots. I have also experienced more often reboots when on other calls, but its seems quite random. (I use the laptop mostly for work)

Everything is up to date, both Windows, BIOS and and drivers.

Really glad I found somebody else with the same problem and hope to find a solution to it. No idea how to troubleshoot this any further. 

Filtering on event 41 shows these:
2023-08-15: 1 reboot. Didn’t even notice this one, I was probably not in front of the computer.
2023-08-19: 1 reboot. Didn’t notice.
2023-08-29: 6 reboots.
2023-08-30: 4 reboots.
2023-08-31: 2 reboots.
2023-09-01: 5 reboots.

Hello DevStrix,

Nice to meet you! I am also in progress with this issue research myself. I do see all the Internet is really full with this issue scenarios of different kinds and flavors but it seems every case is probably special. After some reading I have seen posts it can be related to the insufficient voltage to the CPU cores. I also know general recommendation for this issue to remove CPU overclocking if any but now I think to experiment with CPU voltage changes on the contrary to see if it helps. I also contacted ASUS customer support and they agree to open RMA case for me to send them the laptop to see but I consider this option for myself as last resort.   I also plan to look into Windows crash dump files to get more ideas related to this issue.

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I read a few comments over the weekend that it could help disabling the Windows GPU Hardware Acceleration, but just now I had a random reboot again ☹ So that didn’t work for me.

I tried to see Windows minidump but I do not see them generated. I tried to run OCCT CPU test and it throws for me same Event ID 41 quickly on Large Data Set volume. So issue can be forced to reproduce quickly through OCCT.  I tried to disable Fast Boot in Windows Control Panel and BIOS settings but same result. I want to see now how system behaves in Safe Boot mode when some drivers are disabled. So this is next step for me to do. I am also getting more inclined now in my case the issue can be related to some hardware problem especially to consider laptop was stable for some period of time after purchase.

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I think the reboot happens so fast that Windows don’t have time to put anything useful into the event log, or create a dump file ☹

Thank you for the tip on OCCT, nice tool!

I have not been able to consistently trigger the reboot using any of the test. I ran all the tests available in the personal free version. It rebooted only once during the VRAM test. I ran this test again immediately, and the second run completed successfully. I guess for me its truly random, as I said in the first post it can happen during idle or very low load as well.

My last step now is to find time for a reinstall of Windows and hope that solves it. Was really hoping to avoid it. If I still have the problem after that I have to contact support.

Hi DevStrix,

Sure, you are welcome!

In my case I reinstalled Windows 3 times but unfortunately seeing same issue right after Windows reinstall. I also was not able to do Safe boot mode as I am requested to provide Bit Locker recovery key which I do not know. I tried to use Control Panel option to do Safe boot mode but it resulted with message your PIN is lost which also made me to reinstall Windows again.  I finally opened RMA case with ASUS and I plan to ship my laptop for repair. They say it takes 7-10 business days plus shipping. I hope your case is different and Windows reinstall is going to resolve this issue for you. I am curious and If you do not mind please let me know if Windows reinstall was successful in your case if you decide to do it.  In my case I suspect it is some random hardware issue but without minidump I cannot guess any further. ))


Level 8

Updated to the new bios 318 yesterday, the issue is still present.

My plan is to reinstall Windows over the weekend, will update this thread.

Thank you, DevStrix, I did not send my laptop yet for RMA repair. Let me try new BIOS 318 as well and I will update the this thread as well. 

I am experiencing similar issue with my G614JI. In my case it does not reboot itself though, only hard freezes with the only option being for myself to manually hard reboot it from the power button. I've also tried the BIOS 318 but it did not help.

Edit: I've also sent the laptop already once to a local asus repair center, where my motherboard was swapped with a new one, but that didn't resolve it either.
Edit2: For now the only dirty partial solution I have found is to switch Armory Crate for my CPU - i7-13650HX from P6E8 to P4E0 configuration. This reduced my hard freezes from 6-7 per day to 1-2 per day.

This has to be power management  / voltage related but I couldn't find anything conclusive yet.