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Level 7
Hello everyone,

At the start of June i purchased a ROG STRIX G513QR. The machine ran great for about a month until the start of July when the machine started Blue screening. This initially started occurring purely in Destiny 2 in one specific mission, but over the next few days expanded to the point I could not run any application that uses the Geforce RTX 3070 in the machine. Some applications could run for a couple of minutes, but ultiamtely the result would be the same, the machine would blue screen. If I am running any apps off the inbuilt GPU on the CPU, the machine is fine. The failure code that appears when the machine bluescreens is 'VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR'. I used Bluescreenview to investigate the generated .dmp file, and dxgkrnl.sys and watchdog.sys are highlighted as faulting during the bluescreen. I have also used windbg to further investigate the generated .dmp file, which suggested nvlddmkm.sys is also involved. As these modules are all related to graphics drivers or direct X, i performed the following steps:

1) Used DDU to completely resintall the NVIDIA drivers from scratch. I did this twice, once reinstalling with Geforce experience and once with just the game ready graphics driver. No effect. The system still BSOD's when utilizing the 3070.
2) Used MSI afterburner to underclock the GPU. No effect.
3) Performed a complete full reinstall of Windows 10 after formatting the local disk. After reinstalling all required drivers and apps from the ASUS support site, I again downloaded one of the apps that caused the BSOD (Space Engineers) and ran. No effect, the machine BSOD'ed again.
4) I have tried numerous other suggested tweaks in the Nvidia control panel such as changing performance and power modes, to no avail.
5) Ran DDU again but this time rolled back to an older version of the Nvidia drivers (driver version that shipped with the machine and which I upgraded away from prior to the issue starting. Again, no effect.

At this point I cannot think of anything else to try. I have completely wiped the machine an reinstalled Windows from fresh which to my eyes would mean drivers are not an issue, but I am prepared to be wrong.

Does anyone have any other ideas or feedback? If not I think I will RMA the machine. A shame, I was enjoying the laptop up until this occurred! I can attach any .dmp files if needed.


Level 7
I've had my G713QR since Feb and noticed oddities with Nvidia drivers after 466.11: GPU Memory freq would go up and down from it's original 7001MHz to 6001MHz, just here and there in games. I tested a few after that too but they behaved the same way, so I am using 466.11 and will only test another if I need - also there is only one Nvidia driver that supports Vulkan, one can get it from Asus support page.

I use MSI Afterburner to show GPU info while gaming.

Also, open Device Manager in Windows, does all look OK?


I am going to attempt a further rollback of the Nvidia drivers. In Device Manager everything looks okay, both the CPU GPU and the 3070 are present without errors. The MyAsus software also says that there are no problems with either device. For some reason the machine just cannot run any application uses the 3070. Im beginning to wonder whether it's a problem with the machine actually swapping load onto the 3070 when I boot applications using it, but i'm not sure how I could test anything like that.