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ROG Strix G513RM - Random Freeze/Crash Issue

Level 7

Hi all, 

I recently got a brand new Asus ROG Strix G513RM with AMD 7 6800H, RTX 3060, and 40GB of RAM. I have Windows 10 installed ad I've been using it for about a month. While it is working fine for the most part, I've been having issues with random freezing (literally just freezes while I'm doing something, usually not resource-consuming) with the keyboard backlight on. When this happens I am forced to use the power button to shut down and reboot. 

I'm unable to find anything in the Event Viewer that may be the cause but last week I did have an issue with the MediaTek WiFi card crashing fully. Bluetooth being on is also wonky - feels unstable and perhaps affects WiFi speeds. Once or twice it also took a while to boot up - the keyboard would turn on and nothing would happen for good 3-4 minutes, after which it would boot up properly.

Another issue that might be related - while gaming I used to have an issue with the keyboard becoming non-responsive (it would take a few presses to get it to register) but it feels like this went away after I disabled the Filter keys and reinstalled the keyboard drivers. 

Any ideas as to what might be causing the random freezes? BIOS is on G513.RM.327

Also to add: this doesn't happen when I'm doing some intensive task (photo/video editing, gaming, etc.) - it happened while browsing random websites in Chrome. I saw an issue with Hardware Accerelation somewhere, but that has been off since day 1


I used to have another G513 and I recall issues with the MediaTek card and maybe some minor crashing but they went away after some time. Just worried for my SSD and other components lol


Level 12

Return it for a new one don't play around do it asap. and make sure you buy the extra warranty for down the line bs you will have with asus laptops.