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Rog strix g513rm long boot up

Level 7

Rog Strix g513rm 
Ryzen 7 6800H

GeForce RTX 3060 

RAM - 16 GB 

Windows 11

I bought the laptop less than a year ago from an official ASUS representative.
Problems started to appear after 2 months of use. The keyboard lights up when booting up, but the screen does not light up. Initially the screen did not light up for a minute or two. Then it would go up to an hour of waiting. In the end - the laptop stopped switching on at all.
I sent it to the official ASUS service under warranty. The answer is that we found nothing, we only reinstalled the system.

This helped for 5 months, then the story repeated and exactly the same support response - Everything is OK.

4 months since the last "incident" laptop worked well, but now again started the same problems with booting. It takes more than two minutes before the logo appears and the system boots.

I only work on the laptop (editing video), I don't play any games, I don't install practically anything except programmes for work. I haven't found any interconnection of any actions before the problem started. I always switch it on the same way, I haven't dropped it, I haven't loaded it to the maximum.

There are also problems with the keyboard backlight. It can stop working at one moment and that's it.
ASUS application does not find any problems.