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ROG Strix G513QR (21) Freezing After Loading Into Windows 2-5 Minutes

Level 7

Having the same issue as many people here on the forums and in Reddit. I can load into Windows, but it will only run for 2-5 minutes before freezing up. Originally thought it was overheating. When in BIOS and just sitting here temps are around 60-65 C. Certainly high for just sitting around, but not sure it is the root issue. Fans are running just fine.

ROG Strix G15 G513QREC (2021)

AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
RTX 3070




So far here is what I have done.

-Fresh install of Windows 10. Formatted drive before installing.

-Rolled back BIOS to version 330 released 10/28/22.

-Removed/swapped RAM.

-Removed bottom cover and placed large fan directly under heat exchange while laptop is suspended on stand.

-Loaded Ubuntu live onto USB and loaded OS directly off USB. This bypasses m.2. Still crashed within 2 minutes.

-Completely removed wireless/bluetooth card from laptop.

-Played around endlessly with drivers and firmware.

I work in IT as a consultant. I know my way around computers. Cut my teeth on the helpdesk. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong with my laptop. Seems hardware related, but can't imagine this many people are seeing the same issues around the same time. Very strange. After looking on forums and reddit to looks like a lot of people are experiencing the same issues. 

Next steps for me

-Replace liquid metal/thermal paste

I'll let you guys know if I find anything. 


Level 7

Well pretty sure I found the problem. Looks like the liquid metal was touching things it shouldn't have touched. It got under the plastic cover that they install and pretty sure something shorted out. My guess is the processor went bad. Still, I tried to replace all the thermal paste with new stuff. Still having the same symptoms. Such a shame.Laptop Liquid Metal.jpg

I am wondering where is the protective  barrier that should be around the CPU so this doesn't occur.

The protective cover is the yellowish/orange sticker around the CPU. Still, there is a gap around that sticker where the liquid metal seeped into and around the processor.

Level 7

I will have to open mine to look at that, but this does not bring a lot of hope 😞

If your laptop is out of warranty then I'd suggest doing what I did before the problem gets worse. It was pretty easy to take everything apart. Once you get the back cover off and disconnect the batter, remove the two fans (6 screws), and then like another 12 or so screws for the heatsync & pipes. Took me longer to clean off all the old liquid metal & thermal paste than it did to take everything apart.