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ROG Strix G513QM 2021 Laptop freezes

Level 8

The laptop freezes when not in use or under light load. It started around the end of October or beginning of November. I tried installing a known-good official build of Windows 11, different drivers from the official Asus website. Nothing helps. Falling asleep and turning off the screen is turned off. The laptop has never been used for mining, mainly for work and occasionally for games. I discovered a peculiarity: if you turn on the game, it does not freeze, even if the game is in the background. As soon as there is no game, the desktop is just turned on, the laptop freezes. There are no errors in the operating system, only a critical error after you have to turn off the power and restart after freezing.

There were suspicions that the reason for the freezes was the resource output of the thermal interfaces. When replacing the thermal interface on the processor after opening the cooling system for the first time, it was discovered that the silicone barrier was destroyed and liquid metal was leaking onto the processor capacitors. The liquid metal was carefully cleaned.

The thermal interface has been replaced with liquid thermal pads and thermal paste with phase change, no overheating, heating is normal. This did not help and the laptop continues to freeze without load. The temperatures became even better (colder) than with liquid metal.

Dear Asus, this problem is gaining momentum, more and more users are faced with this problem for which there is no solution. What should we do? Is it possible to test something else? I have over 20 years of experience using computers.


Level 12

Sounds just like what my system was doing now it's a paper weight, 2.5 years old what a FKing waste of money buying this laptop.

Things you could try is testing your SSD/ RAM for errors using a hardware monitor open up your system and re-seat your RAM if you are using two RAM sticks try one then turn it on see if it freezes then try the second. I also had it re-pasted too.

Level 8

Hi  I have the same Laptop G513QM and same problem, and from two weeks ago encounter with freezing , and I can not find any solution to solved it. many people like us encounter with this problem, some one says this problem could raise from TPM and if you disabled it your problem disappear  Link  , but our laptop has not have TPM setting in bios 

From above link: 

‎07-03-2023 06:57 AM


hey guys.
Asus installed a BETA BIOS on my pc that disabled FTPM. I have been testing the pc for almost a month and so far no freezes have appeared.

What they explained to me is that we lost the bitlocker key and if we need to install windows 11 from scratch we will have to have another bios. Other than that everything works perfectly.
If you want to have the FTPM problem solved you have to individually do what I did. Report the situation with examples and videos and they will help.
Hope to help. What can help just say



Level 8

As I wrote earlier, the laptop does not freeze if there is a load. I increased the minimum fan speed to 2000 rpm, and so far the laptop has not freezes. This is a temporary and crutch solution. I would like to know from technical specialists what could be the reason and what is the correct solution.

Hi @CounterRus 

how do you set minimum fan speed to 2000 rpm?

App G-Helper -> Fans+Power and the first point of fan's curve to 2000 rpm (don't forget click Apply Custom Fan Curve). This can probably be done through Armory Crate.

Thank you @CounterRus 

I did what you say and working with laptop about 10 hours and no freezing occurred. 

Your right under a lot of load the laptop will not freeze it's doing the simplest things like watching a you tube video it has a problem.

As soon as I log onto my system and went right into a game I had no freezing issues but if I tried to just use the browser the dam thing freezes up.

I am a proud owner of an expensive paper weight.

Level 7

Did you manage to resolve this? apparently its caused by a faulty AMD driver update. you might have to downgrade the driver. 

I tried working around chrome://flags/#use-angle on OpenGL - nothing helps. Disabled Windows BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) - nothings helps. I tried raising the fan speed, as happens with the game on - nothings helps. I tried to install with formatting Windows which is a known good official image of 2022, which I installed before before the problem appeared - nothings helps.

The only thing that helps with freezing is to turn on some game and have it remain in the background process. If the game is turned on, the laptop is 100% guaranteed not to freeze and works 24/7 without freezing.