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ROG Strix G512 thermal pastes

Level 7

Hello, I've had my G512 for a couple of years now. I was getting horrid temps and decided to open it and clean it. Unsurprisingly, it was filled with lint. I cleaned it up but decided to re-apply the thermal paste so I wouldn't have to open it up again for a while. When I did, I saw three things: a blue sticky substance on a lot of the outer components of the heatsink, a normal thermal paste that I know, and what I think is liquid metal. 

I have a couple of questions:
Where can I find this blue substance to re-apply it, and would it be fine to use thermal paste instead?
Where can I find the liquid metal? Does it have to be a certain kind? Can I use thermal paste instead? If I do use thermal paste? Will it affect my performance?

Allso even after cleaning, my fans still looked really bad should I replace therm? if so where can I find original parts?



Level 11

Thermal putty cannot be replaced with paste.

You can replace it with products like upsiren ux and k5

The LM is conductonaut or if you want the new version conductonaut extreme 

Thermal paste is same old the best kind of stuff is Honeywell ptm 7950

I know thermal paste but how much should I put of these things? 

Level 8

Maybe this video will help. . He is appling on G15 but quantities in your's should be about the same.

Use this as a guide should you need to reapply your thermal interface material. (Paid Links) 3:18 Results