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Rog Strix G18

Level 7

Howdy fellas. My first post on the community. I recently purchased a Asus Rog Strix G18 with the I9 13980H and 4080 combo. This awesome laptop unfortunately came with only 16G of 4800 Mhz ram. I found contradicting information online regarding the maximum ram capacity for it as far as 32 or 64G. I ended up purchasing the 32G just to be on the safe side and at a 5600 Mhz speed. I installed it today but can't get it past 5200Mhz for whatever reason. Is there a way to do so? Also does it take 64G because I'll return the 32G if thats the case. Thanks in advance to everyone. 


Level 8

Dude apart the subject, how is your temperatures while gaming and idle?

Level 12

go to crucial website an see what they show for type an size that will work in your system.

Level 11

5600mhz only works if your ram is single sided so you need a specific 16gb x 2 kit

dual sided ram modules only run at 5200mhz


and yes 64gb works fine at 5200mhz 

Level 12

Most memory sellers websites have away to scan your system to tell you the correct type of ram to use, I used crucial  website cause it was the first place I thought of it was quick an easy instantly told me what I needed to know.

The crucial scan isn't working on the laptop for whatever reason. Once it downloads the packet, it stays stuck on the screen with the pop-up adds. I've seen many complaints on this issue. It's weird though. I've seen people mention that this laptop, regardless of it saying that it only takes up to 32gigs of ram, can actually handle up to 64gigs. 

Level 12

That is very odd indeed. yeah I couldn't get it to work either I had to use their other option was to manually look my system up