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ROG Strix G18 (G814JZ-N6002W) RTX 4080 weird sound when plugin in the usb c

Level 7

Hi Guys

I have an issue with the usb-c port. It makes a weird ticking noise when I plug in a ssd, or a hub with hdmi.
I guess that is not normal. What can I do? Will it damage my devices plugged in there?

Port: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C®/DisplayPort/ Power Delivery combo port (the one that is closer to the user, nr. 6 in the manual)

Here is a video:


Level 12

Do the devices connected to this port work normally or have you not tried?

They do work normal. This happens with multiple devices and in the other usb-c port it works fine without ticking 

Level 12

why not try the device in another system, but I would be it's the device itself that has a problem you might want to discontinue use of it.

The devices are working fine in other ports or other machines

This is a USB-C/Thunderbolt port?

Nope, it is the regular one.
The Thunderbolt works fine.
Its number 6:

20V/5A charging socket and regular USB-C port. Very bad combination of features.

Level 7

So is this a defect or just an bad combination of features? 🤔