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Level 7

Hello asus community,

Its been 6 months since i bought my rog strix G17 i would usually never ask for help, but this time im out of opsions. Please if you have the knowledge to fix this problem, suggest me something. My Rog strix G17 wont stop overcloacking itself, the temperature reach so high up until 87 cpu and gpu alike, my fingers are red already and hot. It should'nt do this, even on low demanding games it runs heavy. I tried to disable the opsion to automatically overcloack but for the life of me i cant find that opsion anywhere in my bios, is the overcloacking locked, or am i missing something under my nose?


Level 8

Overclocked is Locked and so is the GPU so if u have a amd or Intel CPU 87c is not that bad most CPUs for gaming Laptops run at high 80 to 90s now a days that what they are designed for at this point. if you don't like it will to bad. both AMD and Intel have released Statements to the media when they released the 5000 for amd and 11 gen for intel that Most CPUs for Gaming from here on out will run in the high 80s and high 90s it why Asus and a lot of other brands are moving to Liquid metal.  if you have any porblems or want to make sure ur CPU and GPu is running with in Spec here a website i Use