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ROG Strix G17 / Win 11 - Mouse Cursor freezes for 1 second again and again

Level 7

Hi community,

the mouse cursor of my 1 month old ROG Strix G17  freezes for around 1 second every now and then. The laptop runs in "Turbo Mode" (Armory Crate) mostly when I´m in a game and every possible update (Win 11, BIOS etc.) is up to date.

It seems, like the CPU is freezing or the motherboard is roasted or something. I´ve reset Windows 11 already to factory settings. But the problem still appears after a while. 

Any suggestions?


My system:

Ryzen 9 6900HX

16 GB DDR5 RAM (4800 MHz)

NVidia RTX 3060

Win 11 22H2, Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22659.1000.0

BIOS is up to date


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Level 7

Hey there, i have an new Strix G17 , 6800HS 3050 16GB (2022) and have the same problem, ok lets say, had. i had 2 of this laptops becase of this,...

this happens for me at some point and then, it starts to get worser and worser.. first i was thinking its a bad laptop but now the second has/had this.

Are you using a Bluetooth Mouse? 
if yes then check system log for system eroors something with BT listed. can you verify? i had this and when this happns my mouse freezes and the BT Device Chip is gone form Hardwarelist and goes back, goes and back goes and back.

I found out, actual all is fine ad i dont have activated insider windows updates, and, i haven`t updated my wifi driver and haven`t updated my realtek lan driver. so i think one of these 3 thinks makes the problem.