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ROG STRIX G17 - Distorted Audio

Level 8

I've just bought a G17. 

The audio is very distorted on anything above 60% volume - in YouTube and Spotify. I've tried it on a wooden desk and my lap. 

Is this normal, or should I return it for a replacement? 


Level 12

Are you on the Laptop speakers when this is happen or plug in external speakers? 

Because I know when using my 3.5mm plug in external speakers there isn't any issues but playing anything to loud through the laptop is can be a little distorted if you crank it up too much I don't think they are ment to go super loud.

The laptop speakers.

The distortion is there when when at 60% volume - not loud, normal volume for listening to YouTube videos. 

Level 12

If it's still under warranty I would return it 

I'd like to know if I should get a replacement or if I should get my money back and buy another model. 

I can't see how this can be normal as the distortion is very bad, but I also wouldn't think I'd get a lemon... 

Also, it's getting a blue screen 1-2 times per day. Looks like a video card driver issue (I'm running the latest version of the nvidia creator version).

Plus... The 5 macro keys have stopped working. Messages on forums suggest that this is a common issue that is resolved by reinstalling the Asus Armoury Crate software.

I'm quite disappointed. The Bios, Windows and all other software is up-to-date (using Asus software, Windows Update and WingetUI).

I raised a support ticket with Asus last night (20 hours ago) and they haven't replied yet. 

If it's new I would get it replaced from where you bought it  or  send it in which will take longer and final option buy another brand it's up to you. 

Put it to you this way I've been waiting 4 months for my laptop to be fixed they said it was a simple ram issues but why is it taking so long.

Yes, I bought it last week from I've requested a return, they will contact me.

4 months - eek, that's not okay. I suggest you complain to them or via your credit card company if you paid for it that way.

Yeah better return it. It looks like you may have a bad Nvidia driver ( corrupted) which would explain both the blue screens and also the poor audio because Nvidia gpu drivers often come with an audio pack. But it could also be a motherboard issue so better get a new one while it's still under warranty just to be on the safe side.