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ROG Strix G17 (2023) - nVidia Advanced Optimus with external Monitor

Level 7

I use the ROG Strix G713PI Notebook and I want to connect an external monitor. If connected to the monitor I want the option of Advanced Optimus to be active. How do I do this properly.

So far I wasnt able to setup this correctly. Maybe it is not possible at all or it might depend on the external monitor?

I did check Standard Setting for Graphic in Armoury Crate.

I connected the external Monitor to the Notebook via the USB-Connection. 

Then in nVidia Control Center the mode is set to "Optimus" (which is the old Optimus not the advanced one). I can not choose the other Options (they are gray and can not be chosen, since "an external monitor is connected" as it states)

If I have disconnected the external monitor it works fine. I then can choose the option "automatically" in nVidia controll panel. This is what I want. 

Thanks for your help!


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The graphics chip(s) for the external monitor connections are hardwired and cannot be changed like you can with the notebook screen.

Sometimes a different monitor output may be set up differently, but for the G713PI both the USB type-C and HDMI output are hardwired to the discrete GPU, so that doesn't appear to be an option for this model.

Wondering if a USB type-A docking stations would work any differently or any better, but not sure about that.

Anyway, hope that helps to understand what is going on.  Thanks.

Thank you for answering. I do understand what you explain. I thought that one of the two USB-C ports of the  G713PI are directly connected to the nVidia-Card (the one with G-Sync)? Can someone confirm/ disconfirm this?

If its true, that neither of both USB-Cs are not connected to the nVidia, yeah its obvious it doesnt work with an external monitor.