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Rog Strix G17 2023 Need Help 😔 R9 7845hx

Level 7

I have recently purchased Rog Strix G17 running with these configuration:
Ryzen 9 7845HX
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4050 6GB
Windows 11

Since the time i have purchased i am facing two issues which is confusing me

  1. The delay in sleep to wake up time. Or even start time, as the processor is latest it must be fast right why is it little slow.

  2. Main issue is sudden Shutdown, sometimes when I close lid put to sleep and later wake it then it shutdown at that moment, this happens mostly when I keep my laptop for sleep for a long time usually when i keep in night for sleep and morning wake it, it goes to shutdown.

I have read several forums where they said maybe due to graphic card switching as it has integrated and dedicated so to keep it to dedicated to NVIDIA and i changed the setting from optimus to NVIDIA and still the problem is not solved.

Note: i have removed armoury crate software as it was buggy and i felt it's consuming resources and running in background. (The problems existed during this software too)

Please kindly help me or suggest me what i can do mainly with these issues.


Level 8

Hi  Welcome to Club i have Strix G17 2023 7945hx 4080 same problems.In power menagment  disable all hibernate sleap etc.I set when i close lid that laptop stays on only display will shutdown and everything works fine.Then put in Armory to Ultimate and bios turn off Optimus completly.And update to latest 319 Bios