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Rog Strix G17 2023 7945hx 4080 Random Shuts Down

Level 8

Recently mine laptop start to shut down but only when i play in preformance mode on silent and turbo i dont have that kind of problems.I tought that is related to overheating but temps are ok max at 93-94 avarge on 90c.Event Viewer says Kernel-Power  Evnent id 41.ill newer buy asus again this series of laptop is one big pice of ******t im sick of it.Every day some new problem


Level 7

Did you find any solution mate mine randomly shuts down once or twice during a day I cannot find what is the problem causing it😫

Level 8

Mine is the 4090 version, but I was running into similar issues. By any chance are you gaming on an external monitor? I have a Samsung Super Ultrawide Odessey (5120 x 1440), and when connected to it, I was getting random shutdowns. I did an RMA, and the issue has been resolved; however, when connected to my docking station with the monitor, the issue returns. When using the same dock on a 1080p monitor, I do not have issues. It's as if there is some kind of power constraint that is being exceeded when too many things are plugged in. Also, I learned the hard way that the lid must remain open when gaming on this laptop.