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ROG Strix G16 buyers guide

Level 7

Hi all, and especially ROG Strix G16 (2023) enjoyers!

I have just ordered G16 with i7-13650hx and RTX4080, a beast! But, after watching several reviews online I have some concerns. Could someone/anyone that also have this laptop tell me are there any caveats or is it a smooth sail. Are there any issues with the laptop? All comments are welcome. Thank you all.


Level 7

I have ROG Strix G17 (2023) G713PV 7845hx and 4060 when i set up closing lid that it should sleep it does not untill i disconnect power cable, many times i found that it was dead after i took it from my bag, or it does not go to sleep at all, not only that, i cannot get audio work on windows 10 because there are no drivers for it so i`m stuck using windows 11 which is a nightmare, then screen sometimes flickers i believe its a driver issue cause it is a completely random thing, after i installed "recommended" nvidia driver randomness got infrequent, which is mind blowing that it cannot get proper latest geforce experience driver and call it a day, then one time it got stuck no cooling, i`m guessing armory crate did this, and it overheated and turned off, i rebooted same thing, then uninstalled armory crate, fans came back after restart. If you want to use windows 10 there are even no freakin drivers for it.