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ROG Strix G16 (2023) RTX 4060 not run

Level 7

When I play some 3a games, I only run Intel graphics. This problem only occurs in some games, such as the last of us and Uncharted. When I force the use of independent graphics rtx4060, the vram will not improve.
。I've tried setting the game to high performance
。Reinstall the graphics card driver
。Reinstall the system
The situation still hasn't improved. Does any rog user know the reason?



Level 12

If you dont use your laptop on battery use this mode


 and if you use it you must abjust your color settings from NVIDIA control panel becouse that settings disable intel integrate graphics and you will use only Nvidia graphics 

I even tried to set up the dgpu in the bios. The game uses the gpu but the vram is still 0%. I don’t know if it is a bug or something. Because under the same setting, some games can use vram and some cannot.

Change the program that you use check HWINFO64 or download MSI afterburner from there you can check your vram usage


On this photo on MEM1 you can see how much available vram i have and how much i use just change the program that measure the Vram 

Msi afterburner is the app from the photo 

Also if you game at max settings and 1080p resolution work whit good frame everything must be fine

I don’t think it’s a problem with the check tool, because I obviously feel that the fps is abnormal. It’s so low that I get stuck at the game start interface.

By the way, I also encountered this problem when playing "The Last of Us". In the first few time play game, there was no problem, about 60fps. But then there were a few times the fps was low. Then it got better again for some unknown reason. I think it's a setting issue.

Did you try to reinstall the game or nvidia drivers and its very hard to find the reason if you dont provide performance graph like this on the photo there are a lot of things than can make the problem also if other heavy game work good the problem can be from last of us becouse i also played this game and sometimes use a lot of CPU for the shaders also i haved big lag problem it depends what version of the game you use make more test also whit other games try to reinstall Nvidia drivers also make some GPU stress test and check what is the temperature, power usage ,vram usage , clock speeds from there you can be sure where is the problem so download msi afterburner and start the stress test from the program you can even open some  other programs or games that also use vram and stress the gpu 

Opening of other games and then start the stress test will max out the vram usage

Good idea, I will try msi afterburner to try to find which link is causing the problem

I tried running afterburner, sorry I'm not very good at seeing diagrams like this. Can you spot any problem?


Test this on all games that you have and upload a screenshot also try the test that i told you start some other game that work good and also start the stress test from msi after burner also try to add the temperature graphics for the gpu another thing is to be sure that you use the Ultimate mode from Armory Crate 

This test can help to know where is the problem becouse that can be hardware problem also becouse i dont see any Vram available for the RTX gpu and that can be a problem whit video memory if this is the case you must send your laptop to repair center 

Level 12

In Windows, you can set each program to run with an iGPU or a dGPU.

NVidia has now ceded the Optimus mechanism to Windows, it used to be set in the nVidia driver.